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This club is to showcase original characters of the edgier/darker/alternative styles: Gothic, punk, cybergoth, deathrock, Victorian goth, rivethead, cyberpunk, steampunk, graver, raver, goth/punk/guro Lolita, metalhead, gothabilly, cabaret goth, burlesque, vampire goth, etc.

If you're still not completely sure just take a look around the gallery folders to see what others have posted.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 23, 2010


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Art Collection

2,254 Members
1,843 Watchers
62,221 Pageviews
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[ rules. ]

Before you join and submit please READ OVER THE RULES FIRST. It saves us stress.


:bulletred: NO anthro/furry/animal OCs.
We specialize in human and humanoid original characters.

:bulletred: Kemonomimi and Humanoid creatures are allowed.
Basically anything that resembles a human, but may have fangs, wings, claws, horns, tails, animal ears/tails only, unnatural colors of skin, things like that. But no fur/scales on the body, and no muzzles/snouts/beaks.

:bulletred: No fanart!
We're an original character group, hence the name Edgy OCs. No fandom "OCs". You can; however, draw other people's original characters.

:bulletred: Quality of Work.
-No low-quality grainy/pixelized work.
-If you're drawing in a sketchbook, please crop the sides so the background is clean.
-Your drawings must exhibit that you have an understanding of anatomy*, and your coloring/shading cannot just be scribbled on there.

*As in not having a big or misshapen head on a little body, or having the facial features completely disproportionate, and things like that.

[We're not looking for professional art, and we're not trying to be strict, but quality control does help inbox flooding. There are just as many groups without quality control than with it. We're hoping that, if one's work gets denied that, that person will try to use stock references and tutorials to improve their art. We do not want to discourage anyone, if your work gets denied then keep practicing! I look back at my old pieces and think, "I thought this was good?" Don't give up, just keep at it!]

:bulletred: Pixel art:
No traced/referenced bases, that is copyright infringement. Yes, even if you give credit to the original image, unless the image is stock. Make sure the bases that you are using or making are original.

:bulletred: Is this allowed?
-Pornography, of any kind, is not allowed.
-Erotica, even stuff allowed on dA is not allowed here since this is not a sexual group.
-Unless it's a well-done photo of a big painting or a BJD, or original character cosplay photography is not allowed.
+On the other hand, some sex appeal is fine, but we want to focus on the OC the most.
+Males and females are allowed here.
+Gay/lesbian and straight couples are allowed.
+Characters in sexy clothing are allowed.

:bulletred: NO HATERS!
If you cause drama, disrespect other members, or post discriminatory works you will be deleted from the group.

:bulletred: To join click on “JOIN OUR GROUP” up at the top of the page.

:bulletred: Submission
-Up to 7 deviations per week!
-Make sure you have submitted your deviation to the right folder or it will be denied.

:bulletred: NEW! Artist Comments
-We tend to get a lot of deviations submitted for this group. With some, it's easy to tell they're OC's but with others it isn't. So please, to make it easier on myself, and the fellow Co-Founders, state in the artists' comments that this is an Original Character and belongs to you, or your friend/commissioner, and you have PERMISSION to submit this OC.
-Trust me. It'll make things so. much. easier.


Badass groups that you should join.

Gallery Folders

Haunted Toy Parade
I've only gotten two contest entries ( from what I can garner) that's not really enough to go on, so I don't know what to do? Hold off until there's enough entries?
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Can't submit! ;3;
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Note the Bassist (Jessabell) here is my friend Goats

I don't often do this--but I wanted an opinion of these characters were appropriate for this group, just curious to ask. You've got some interesting characters so I thought maybe they'd do well here.
Up to the community- 
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If you're going to have a "members" widget and a "newest members" widget, then "members" should be listed randomly. :)
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Sorry, but digital folder is still full. Will you do a new one?
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I am unsure why my drawing was denied, it seems to fit into the category so im confused.
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littlegrotesqueme Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
If I would want to submit a OC cosplay, which folder would I put it?
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